Possible to run machine policy off worker?

Is it possible to let the scheduled machine policies run off a worker like how steps can? I’m using Octopus Cloud and the 4 task limit is greatly slowing down our regular machine policy execution. It’s nothing weird for this to take 20+ minutes. As it runs hourly, this is a lot of our Cloud instances time and has slowed us down from doing actual work.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for getting in touch! At this stage it’s not possible to run machine policies off workers, however this is something that we are considering as part of our future Operations Process feature that we will be working on in the second half of this yeat.

For now the only real suggestion I have is to slow down how often you run your machine policies, although that very much depends on your requirements.

Sorry I don’t have a better story for you,


Delaying execution is an option, at least for now. I hope this makes it into your Operations Process feature.

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