Possibility to deploy when agent become online

Is there any possibility to program a deployment while the tentacle is offline? I have a bunch of about 30 cars on road and their agents are not always online. I would like to deploy on them, but without having to check every hours if they are online or not.

HI Manuel,

Thanks for getting in touch.

As part of the Octopus 3.4 release, we included Elastic and Transient Environment features that will help you in this situation. To help introduce this feature at a higher level, there’s also a blog post which may you to get started.

With project triggers, Octopus will detect that your Tentacle comes online (due to a health check occurring) and will then automatically deploy the current release for you.

In your case, you’re dealing with Tentacles that come online / go offline periodically, so you’d need to do a couple of things:

  1. You need to set your project’s connectivity settings to “skip machines if they are or become unavailable” (see the Deploying to transient targets documentation). This will let you deploy your project, even if some of your Tentacles are currently offline.

  2. You also need to create a project trigger for your project. This is your way of telling Octopus to keep your Tentacles up to date with the current release as they come online.

Because auto-deploy is essentially waiting for a health check to occur (which tells Octopus that the Tentacle is now online), if you find your cars are coming online / going offline quite often, you can adjust the frequency of your health checks so they occur more often (see the Health check interval section of the Machine Policies documentation).

Hope this helps.

Mark Siedle

Just read all the docs about 3.4… I’ll upgrade my server! All these new features answers my needs.

Thanks for the fast answer and the magic in it :slight_smile: