PKIX Path building failed

When I configure Octopus Deploy Plugin in Jenkins. I got the following error

Unable to connect to Octopus Host URL - PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target

I’ve exported the cert of octopus server and imported in Java cacerts where Jenkins is running. but still same. Can you please help me on this issue. I need the build server integration for packing, pushing and deploying releases.

Hi @endashaw.adane,

Thanks for getting in touch!

As this issue is within the Jenkins config it isn’t one we have had much experience with so far.
Doing some searching brought up this topic:>Manage%20Jenkins%20-,It%20will%20solve%20the%20problem.&text=That%20error%20is%20a%20common,by%20the%20Java%20Virtual%20Machine.

The top three answers in there offer a free different steps to try.


Hi @paul.calvert

Thanks! I imported the cert into cacerts inside Jenkins folder. this solves the issue.


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Fantastic, glad you were able to resolve it, and thank you sharing what the solution was. :slight_smile:

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