Permissions required to "connect project to tenant"

Hi Octopus

Please can you help me understand the minimum permissions required to “connect a project” to an existing tenant.

It’s something that a number of my team members cannot do, but I’m unsure what permission to grant them. Ideally it would be fine grained enough to just this permission and not all permissions relating to a tenant. But not sure if that is possible.


Good afternoon @Chris_Tamlyn,

Thank you for contacting Octopus Support and great question on permissions and which ones you need for users to be able to connect a project to a tenant.

We do have a comprehensive list of user permissions if you have not seen them yet, I use this list quite a lot when testing permissions or when trying to map ones out for test users.

You can use that list to see what permissions your users require. When troubleshooting user permissions I recommend creating a blank test user account and then trying to perform the action you require, our UI usually tells you what permissions that account needs to perform that activity, if not we find it helpful to turn on your browsers development tools (usually F12) and then trying to perform the task you want.

One in development tools you can click on ‘Network’ to show the calls Octopus is making. From there click on the button to connect a project to a tenant and check the errors you are getting. It should tell you what permission you require in the response of that page thats just loaded, you can then add that to your test account and build up a list of permissions your users will require.

I would say you would need Tenant Edit and Tentant view as a basic and then you would need the ability to edit that project you are connecting the tenant to but this would depend on permissions your users already have etc.

Let me know if that helps,

Kind Regards,


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