Perform install of package after manually deploying the nuget file to the Tentacle?

Some of our customers have their servers heavily locked down, so we can’t use Octopus in the normal fashion to deploy our various projects.

However, we do have the capability of installing Tentacle on the machines, but without the ability to talk back to our Octopus Server… so I’m wondering if there’s a way of getting all the Octopus goodness except for the step of actually sending the package over the wire.

We have a lot of configuration steps to perform which we’ve automated in the various powershell scripts, and it would be fantastic for us to manually bring the nupkg to the machine, and then perform some sort of magic ‘Tentacle Invoke’ to get it to install the package and perform those steps as if it had been sent by Octopus Server.

Is this possible right now in any way, or would it be difficult to implement in future?

Hi Neil,

This is now a Trello item: