Packages shown empty for Meta Release Projects

HI ,

We are on Octopus Version # V2018.8.5 and we facing issue with Packages not being shown in Meta Release projects even though they are tied to Meta Release but while we edit the Meta Release we see the packages binding with specific versions.

Deployments are going fine though but Packages are just hidden and not letting us to verify the versions of each package

Can you please take a look into it.

Hi @snamilla,

Thanks for getting in touch with us!

So that I don’t go looking in the wrong places, could you please confirm that you are using the ‘Deploy a Release’ step inside your Meta Release project? Also, when you say your packages are hidden, which screen are you referring to? If possible, if you could show me the URL in the browser at that time, and a screenshot of what you see, that would be great.

I’ll try and replicate the issue here in the meantime and let you know how I go.

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HI Jim,

Here are the details requested.

Yes, we are using bunch of deploy a release step inside our Meta Release Project. I dont know if there is any limit for number of deploy a release steps to be used to show the packages.

Here is how to navigate to Packages hidden screen
Project-> Releases-> Click on Release Number

URL navigation: projects/xxxx/releases/Release#

Please see the arrow mark i pointed to where it says no packages are associated even though they are associated since i can see them when i edit the release and can deploy well.


Hi @snamilla

Thanks for the additional details regarding the issue - I’ve gone over our latest version and it seems to have already been addressed.

I’ve looked through our release notes between the version that you are on and our latest version and can see that this issue was addressed in the 2018.8.7 release.

Here is a link to the issue that was resolved -

If possible - it looks like the best course of action here is to upgrade to this patch release.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for details.

No problem, Happy Deployments!

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