Packages are not shown after being pushed to internal nuget server

When I publish packages to the built-in nuget server using nuget.exe they dont get listed in the Package Library and the’re not being stored on disk either. When I upload the same packages manually through the webinterface it works.

We’re using the preview of Octopus Deploy and Nuget.exe v2.8. Nuget output is “Your package was pushed.”.

Any ideas?

Thanks for getting in touch Martin.

We’ve had one other report of this at:

We’ll follow up via that item, if you can add any extra information over there (the NuGet command line you’re using, exact output, anything that might help track it down) that would be very helpful.


Hi Martin,

I am happy to report that the fix for this issue is in the current build of Octopus Deploy
which can be downloaded here:

Happy Deployments!