Package repository in Octopus Deploy cloud

Can anyone tell me if Octopus Deploy cloud has a built in package repository, or would I have to use something like

If it does, what limitations does it have in comparison to a self hosted instance of Octopus Deploy?

The intension is to store both nuget and npm packages.

I should point out that, all the info I have read so far leads me to believe that this this is only a server offering.

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Hi Antonio,

Thanks for getting in touch!

I know my colleague provided the answer for this via the email request you raised, but I figured I would add the answer here too for anyone else with the same question.

The built-in feed repository is available within Octopus Cloud exactly the same as it is for on-premise instances.
The only slight difference is that Cloud instances have storage limits whereas an on-premise instance you can keep increase your storage capacity as needed.


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Hi Paul,

A big thanks to you both on helping me (and others) to clear any uncertainties around Octopus Cloud.

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