Overview UI does not scale nicely with lots of projects or releases

Version: 3.16.0

With a large number of releases, the horizontal scroll bar flows out of view. On top of that, scrolling down makes the environment headers disappear.

With a large number of environments, scrolling right makes the release headers disappear.

I know freezing panes is tricky in CSS (maybe less so with CSS3), but they’re absolutely possible, and when every single button has the caption “Deploy”, they’re necessary. Having the scroll bars disappear is pretty annoying as well.

The developer assigned to environment “Sprint J”

Hi Tully,

Thanks for getting in touch, there’s a few customers that have brought this up, we can appreciate that it’s not great experience in your scenario.

But all I can suggest at the moment is you go and make your case further, on this open issue / feature request: https://github.com/OctopusDeploy/Issues/issues/3419

I did add a note linking to this support ticket