Output Variables from Step Templates

This is more of a feature request than anything, but is there any reason that Output Variables couldn’t be a default field on native Step Templates? This would make the Deploy A Release step much more useful since you wouldn’t need to add steps just to output variables from your deploys. Perhaps similar solution already exists that I’m not aware of? Or there is a good reason not to do this and it has already been considered?

Hey Clayton,

Hmm… I don’t think there’s any reason we couldn’t do that. Are you thinking a list of pairs, containing the name of the output variable and the value to set?

Could you explain your scenario a little further? What are the values you want to capture in the Deploy Release step?

Yeah, I was thinking a list of key:value or something. I am currently trying to come up with a solution to a separate workflow here, and realized it would be useful to add output variables using the system variable syntax from any step template. That way you wouldn’t need a script step just to add custom output if you’re not running custom scripts as part of your process already.