Option to set pod priorityClassName in Kubernetes Step Template

I have the need to specify priorityClassName for the pod template when creating a deployment, as described here Pod Priority and Preemption | Kubernetes

This is unfortunately not an option when using the “Deploy Kubernetes containers” step template. Could I request for it to be added as an option? I’d prefer not to eject from the template and go raw yaml for this simple option…

Hi @Tosh,

Thanks for reaching out!

Sorry to hear you’re facing limitations in the Deploy Kubernetes Containers step, I can understand why you would require this option and also the lack of desire to switch to the raw yaml deployment step.

I can mention this to our engineers to see if they’re looking to add an option for this or to see if I can put it on their radar.

It may also be worth creating a post on UserVoice, so that others can also voice their desire for this feature which would bump up the priority of adding it to the step.

In any case, I’ll mention it to the dev team and see what they think, thanks again for your suggestion!

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns and I’ll be back in touch once I have more information.

Kind Regards,

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Hi @Tosh,

I just wanted to reach out to say that our engineers have opened a GitHub Issue internally relating to this so I thought I’d let you know that, officially, it is on their agenda to add this functionality to the step.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions.

Kind Regards,

Great, thanks for forwarding the issue.

I initially didn’t think this would be an issue in Azure (as opposed to a local cluster), as we in theory have infinite resources, but we recently had several pods getting preempted due to server load.

So this is critical for us, as we have a lot of pods running on a shared cluster. Glad to hear it’s on the agenda.


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Good morning @Tosh,

Thank you for letting us know this is critical for you, I have relayed that to the engineers, it will let them know how important this feature is to you to be implemented.

We will keep you informed of any developments as they happen.

Kind Regards,


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