One project with multiple components


Just looking for some advice, we have one project which consists of.

9 x windows services
1 x API

Each time we make an update to a windows service for example, we have to increment the octopus version for all components and we re release all components each time, i understand we can skip a step, however, is there a way just for the sevice on its own to be updated with a new version number.

No worries, i knew this was a complex setup for anyone to be able to advise.

Hi Ricky,

Thanks for getting in touch! Complexity isn’t an issue here. I would actually recommend Channels for your setup. You can have a single project with each service and the API as package steps. Then a channel for each means you can deploy them individually with only the steps you require, with their own release number. You can also create channels to deploy some together if required.

Have you been through our channels walkthrough? It is a lot of information here but really the thing to think about is a channel for each service or package step.

Let me know if this raises any questions!