Okta integration throws 405- Method not allowed


I am trying to integrate Octopus Deploy with Okta. I have followed all steps that mention on wiki , but when I test this integration, it gives me 405 error.

This is what I got in cookies.
OctopusIdentificationToken_d70e6371-e431-4562-8d2b-27f7710cb54f=%2bBchD7v30Q860n8CrJ0LK8lJnK2d9UiKxATEAPmLZEBiPj0lxdETDXStwePFl8L%2bmIYUwgjYGXWWTTPb33pzEzOFZ62nIV%2bDq81E%2bY2JfWpZXQ2KbTAJE21r0mT828ZLZwe%2f8KCR1Mn9XFiXT7SHHuK6MY%2b%2fDAOjATYD1nqpjHnK2mRNtmrEkVorEA1GPCpl2kB0%2bYEuADVekC5DuOBPHw%3d%3d%7cxmy5qFQ%2fcHwkwf1VDaeflg%3d%3d; Octopus-Csrf-Token_d70e6371-e431-4562-8d2b-27f7710cb54f=4RjREDXDXCY2RPt1Ycg%2fTi%2b43c2EwNaRs%2fKx1z8BvDKRzYd6M8559jDYKHMhd1mfQN4sJ9mzrXlVAZ4s5X%2bA3naRNca0bfPHvtlnM0jLB%2fj18WXHsYGh12uoIq%2bZMwBbyd9yRYrHDJ0iRkIRC%2bkPtUwl6%2bA%2bsuNS0g7m%2fRXcgWF9jtk4fECfu8gwDvHRcgHdMAviYzGQvb16DvMRMaPOxw%3d%3d%7cycy9WTa0tAPMpnxmGffkxA%3d%3d

Hi Aamir,

Thanks for getting in touch! I’ll need to grab some further information from you to get to the bottom of this issue. Have you seen the troubleshooting section of our Okta documentation?

If the instructions fail to help here, you will need to attach the mentioned server logs + Okta logs. Any further information regarding this error and where it occurs would be very helpful.

Looking forward to hearing from you and getting to the bottom of this. :slight_smile:

Best regards,

Thanks, it’s been resolved by one of our team members