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I don’t know this is creating because of escape characters. Please help

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Hi @kvprasanna1084,

Thanks for getting in touch!

I’ve just responded to your email regarding this, I believe the issue may be related to the URL that you are pushing to. Typically you would use the base URL e.g. https://octopus.example.com/ and then add the desired Space as an additional option e.g. --space=Spaces-3
I believe using the /app/spaces-3 URL may be causing it to reach an unexpected page which is returning HTML that is causing this error.


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@paul.calvert Thanks for your quick support. It’s working find with custom created spaces.
Need one more help, Octrelease expected Channels but gives error Channel Default has no available steps. I have not idea of this error. I’m in final step to release the package from Cake script. Appericate your support.

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Hi @kvprasanna1084,

I need to ask the obvious question first, does the project that you’re creating a release for have any process steps created yet? If not, that’ll be the reason why the release creation is failing.

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Thanks @paul.calvert. It’s working now. Sorry to bother , first time working on cake script to design pipleline that’s the reason to ask some basic questions.

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Not a problem, happy that everything is working :grinning:

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@paul.calvert , Which one works better for cake script ? Jenkines or TeamCity. Please advise. In case any documents please share for references.

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Hi @kvprasanna1084,

I don’t have any experience with cake script at all, and it isn’t something we use at Octopus either, so I can’t really advise which would be the best build server to use with it.

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@paul.calvert Thanks mate.

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