Octopus Worker Server (AWS EC2 Instance)

Below is our integration architecture (in brief):

  1. We are running ocotpus deploy on AWS cloud

  2. Octopus deploy used Octopus worker server to perform any tasks.
    Octopus Deploy ----> Octopus worker (Over ssh)

  3. Octopus worker server is hosted on a linux (EC2 Instance)

My requirement is to save the cost, I would like Octopus to automatically start an EC2 instance before starting the deployment task and then shut down the EC2 Instance hosting octopus worker server post performing the requested tasks.

How is this can be achieved?


Hey @rahul.bhoyar,

Thank you for contacting Octopus Support, Octopus does not have anything out of the box that does this, however, I imagine there are some AWS CLI script commands you can use to turn off and on machines so you would have to have Octopus run a script step to turn the machine on with an AWS CLI script, then perform the task you want, then have another run a script step to have the machine turned off via an AWS CLI script again.

Octopus can deploy to AWS AGS (Auto Scaling Groups) so if that is something you wanted to check out then we have a blog post on this here, and also a forum knowledge base on this here but that would be for scaling up and down and not for one instance so it would depend on your requirements as of if that was any use to you or not.

Hopefully that helps,
Kind Regards,

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