Octopus website is not able to connect to DMZ server

We have Octopus licensed version at company , and very happy with the result.
Although when I am trying to add new machine which is located in “DMZ” (only allowed ip address and port can communicate) on octopus website, it gives me an error.
so as I was trying different techniques to solve this issue, one thing I came to know, I can successfully test the connection to DMZ from Octopus server, by loggin on Octopus server and going in IE with DMZ server url , it works completely fine.
Connection only does not work from Octopus website.
Any inputs on this. Please guide me to solve this issue.

Is the tentacle configured in Listening or Polling mode?

What ports have you allowed for connections? By default listening tentacles communicate over port 10933, although that can be changed when you install it. What do you see when you navigate to https://DMZSERVER:10933/? You should see a page that says “Octopus Tentacle configured successfully”.

If you’ve set it up as a polling tentacle then the tentacle is the client and it makes requests to your Octopus Server over ports 10944 and (usually) 80. The port 10944 is hard coded and can’t be changed. The web port can be changed from port 80 at setup time.

Make sure all firewalls between the two servers allow the appropriate traffic.

Have you attempted the troubleshooting steps on the set-up pages I linked above?

What error message is showing on the Machine Connectivity page for the server?


Thanks for getting in touch! The advice Trevor has given is spot on. If you find you cannot troubleshoot your way through the connection, please provide the exact error you are receiving.


I have port 10933 open on DMZ server.
well, now it turned out that I was able to add DMZ tentacle on Octopus website by usig its IP address but not by its DNS name.

Thank you all for helping me on this issue.
Greatly appreciated.