Octopus vs Puppet

Hi, how can we argue that Octopus Deploy is a way much better than Puppet or similar tools?

I’ve been kicking our system administrators for several years, trying to make them to setup automatic deployments of services.In the end I’ve given up. Then I’ve heard about Octopus Deployment and did everything myself using Octopus. We’re quite happy with Octopus, we’ve bought a license and I don’t think we need anything else. But recently our system administrators have told me that they’re going to setup automatic deployments using Puppet and that it looks like we’ll have to abandon our Octopus deployments and move to Puppet. As I’ve told before, we’re quite happy with Octopus, and I also don’t want to do extra work to re-setup deployments.

So it would be great to have some ultimate arguments why Octopus is better that Puppet.

Hi Dmitry,

Good question, I took the opportunity to answer as a blog post:

Hope that helps and hopefully others will share their thoughts. I suspect Octopus might be better for you, while Puppet might be better for some of the other responsibilities your system administrators have.