Octopus throwing a JavaScript error when trying to edit the target of a step with children

I’m running Octopus Deploy 3.7.16. When navigating to edit the Step Detail screen of a step with child steps, the resulting page does not show the “Run on” information and therefore I cannot add/update the list of target roles. Interestingly, the Step Detail screen does seem to work for steps that do not have child steps.

TypeError: Cannot read property 'Environments' of null
    at octopus.min.js?v=fa4216a0-d913-11e6-82e9-f508a06c499b:164
    at processQueue (octopus.min.js?v=fa4216a0-d913-11e6-82e9-f508a06c499b:20)
    at octopus.min.js?v=fa4216a0-d913-11e6-82e9-f508a06c499b:20
    at Scope.$eval (octopus.min.js?v=fa4216a0-d913-11e6-82e9-f508a06c499b:20)
    at Scope.$digest (octopus.min.js?v=fa4216a0-d913-11e6-82e9-f508a06c499b:20)
    at Scope.$apply (octopus.min.js?v=fa4216a0-d913-11e6-82e9-f508a06c499b:20)
    at octopus.min.js?v=fa4216a0-d913-11e6-82e9-f508a06c499b:159
    at Object.success (octopus.min.js?v=fa4216a0-d913-11e6-82e9-f508a06c499b:156)
    at XMLHttpRequest.request.onreadystatechange (octopus.min.js?v=fa4216a0-d913-11e6-82e9-f508a06c499b:156)


Hi Matthew,

Thank you for reaching out and providing us with the details of your issue. From the information you have provided, it looks like you are experiencing a Javascript bug that caused the browser to stop loading. We are happy to report this bug was fixed in Octopus Server 3.8.0 one of our latest releases.

I have linked our Github issue below for you, which has more information about the bug.

Can you please update to Octopus Server version 3.8.0 or newer (3.8.2 is the most recent release) and let us know if this resolves your issue?

Look forward to hearing from you and please do not hesitate to reach out for any further information.

Best Regards,