Octopus Tentacle Retention Policy Cleansing not working

Hi, we run Octopus 3.11.9 and it is pretty clear that the Octopus Tentacle Retention policy/cleansing is not automatically working despite having been set for all Lifecycles to fairly low numbers.

The failure occurs at both he edge points being deployed to and on the Octopus server itself.

We basically want a “hands-free” operation for cleaning where we can set-and-forget.

Where is Octopus cleaning logged so we can clearly see it working (or failing)?

Hi, thanks for getting in touch.

I’m not quite sure from your description what sort of deletion you are trying to achieve - deleting releases, deleting packages acquired to deployment targets? If you could explain the context a little more and what you are trying to achieve that would help me to let you know how to set things up and what to look for.

In the meantime, there’s also docs here and here for tentacle retention that might sort you out.


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