Octopus Server Sizing

So in the Octopus installation documentation, the hardware specs are listed as:
Small deployments (less than 30 Tentacles for example): 2GB RAM, dual-core CPU, 10GB free disk space
Larger deployments: 4GB RAM, dual-core, 20GB free disk space

Is this a sliding scale so that doubling the RAM and free disk space doubles the amount of tentacles your able to support?
In the example of the larger deployment would we be able to support under 60 tentacles?
At what point do we need to increase the CPU capacity?

Hi Dan,

Thanks for contacting us. There is a document page that discusses various things that can affect the performance of your Octopus Server.

As you can see, it’s not quite as simple as a sliding scale. Several things can affect performance, like the size of the packages being deployed, if the delta for the package is large, how many steps are there in a project, how many projects are there, etc.

Hope that helps.

Thank you for the information.