Octopus Server returned an error

Getting an error on first connect to cloud instance via Octopus Client and when trying to push to Packages feed. The error I’m getting is the following

Octopus Server returned an error: Operations that change non-concurrent collections must have exclusive access. A concurrent update was performed on this collection and corrupted its state. The collection’s state is no longer correct.

I made a small test program that just creates 100 clients and I always get the error on the first client but not after that. Any ideas what could be wrong?


Hi Frank,

Thanks for reaching out. I’m sorry that your hitting that issue. That error seems to be an issue with thread security around whatever operation you are running.

Just to clarify your process, are you running the push command (Push - Octopus Deploy), 100 times in short succession?

Can you provide the details of how the command is run 100 times? Is it from a C# script or powershell or something different? Is it in a loop?

I’m trying to ascertain if you are running these push commands asynchronously? (or from multiple scripts that could be running asynchonously?)

Just for full clarity, are you pushing these packages to a HA Octopus environment?

I feel like if the issue is only on the first push, perhaps it takes a little while to start writing the package to your file directory and the next package is trying to write at the same time.

Can you run a System Integrity Check from the Diagnostics page of your octopus instance and let me know if there are any errors found?

Thank you and I’m looking forward to your response.


No I was just creating a octopus client for the api. From what I can se it just downloads the api root document on creation. Pushes to the package feed was just a couple of packages. (This has been fine for a couple of years). We also get the same error when just using the cloud ui


I don’t think that it is a HA Octopus environment. Its a cloud instance. Where can I find the diagnostics page?


Hi @fhelje!

Just jumping in for Dane here, as he’s just wrapped up for the day.

It does look you’ve hit this known issue: Operations that change non-concurrent collections must have exclusive access · Issue #7778 · OctopusDeploy/Issues · GitHub. We have resolved this, and it should be rolling out across the cloud fleet in the next week or so.

Sorry for the headaches that this has caused, and please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns.

Are you saying that this issue will be for the next week? Is there a faster remedy for this since we can’t fix error for our clients? For us this error more or less makes octopus unusable.

Is there no way you can force an update to our cloud instance?


Thanks for getting back to me, Frank.

If this is creating a hard blocker, I can force this to happen sooner - I can do this immediately or in your next maintenance window. Please let me know, and I’ll start the process!

Immediately would be prefered.

Thank you

Thanks Frank.

I just kicked this off, so you should be all up and running on the new version in roughly 10 minutes, looking at your recent upgrade times.

Please let me know if you have any further issues or concerns once you’re back online!

Having exactly the same issue pushing from TeamCity to Octopus, which is preventing us from deploying updates to our app.
Do we have an ETA on the release?

Hi Justin,
Can we get this fix pushed on our account please. It’s starting to cause real issues for us.

Hi Tony,
First off apologies for not letting you know beforehand - I had some confusion with the different customers on this thread and unfortunately I have gone ahead and pressed the upgrade to the latest version for your instance.

The process is perfectly safe but I may have inadvertently interrupted your deployments in doing so. Your data will be safe and anything saved prior to the upgrade will be present in the upgrade.

Again sincere apologies for misreading your reply. I will confirm all is well for you after the upgrade completes.

Kind regards,

Hi Tony
Just a quick update to let you know you have been successfully upgraded to version 2022.4.2898-hotfix.3688 which will have the fix for this issue.

Again apologies for interrupting your deployments without prior notice.

Let us know if you need any further assistance.

Kind regards,

Hi Paraic,

No dramas at all, and thanks for the heads up.

Happy to get the upgrade out, as we’re currently having to manually upload packages outside of our CI/CD process to get a release out.


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