Octopus Server Linux support

Hi Octopus Team,

recently you added Linux support for Octopus Tentacles, which is awesome.

Are there plans to support Linux for Octopus Server?
Or may be there are plans for Octopus Server SaaS, which will take less money than creating whole Windows VPS for alone Octopus Server if other machines use Linux?

Hi Artur,

Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately we did not get quite as far as getting the Tentacles themselves to run on Linux, .NET Core didn’t quite cut it for us yet. We have however improved our SSH support, including an option without mono. We may look again later this year, .NET Core 2.0 looks like it may make the task easier.

There are no plans at this stage to port Octopus to .NET Core (and then Linux) as it relies much more heavily on Windows APIs. But we have not ruled out the idea.

On the SaaS front however, there is good news. It is on our roadmap for this year and there is quite some interest.

Robert W