Octopus Server catch all binding

Hello Octopus team !

Recently i’ve experienced the following issue :
On a machine when installing the latest octopus version, the default HTTP binding is “localhost” but i suspect it binds to localhost on “”, which in turn overtakes all HTTP trafic and responds to all incoming requests for all domains. I’ve discovered this by having few websites on the same machine under IIS, and all domains were serving octopus untill i removed the localhost binding and added my own domain binding.

Hope you can do something to fix this or atleast add a KB about it :slight_smile:
Keep up the good work!

Hi Nikola,

Thanks for getting in touch! I had a chat to the devs, it looks like we should only be binding https/localhost/ to I believe we could potentially be more explicit about this in our documentation. I will make a note to have this visible in our docs.

Thanks for letting us know. If you have any further questions here, please feel free to send them through. :slight_smile:

Best regards,