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I have 3 isolated networks. I want to put in the OD frontend into 1 and 2 proxies in the others.

I want to setup the OD frontend to call inbound to the proxies to reach the targets within each network.

Is there any documentation on how to do this?

Hi @JacksWastedLife,

Thank you for contacting Octopus Support.

We have a guide on Octopus Proxy Support here: Proxy support - Octopus Deploy

If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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Thanks Donny. I’ve already gone through that, but within my frontend octopus server, i can’t see the target.

I register the tentacle via the proxy but it hasn’t registered within the main od instance.

I says it have successfully registered by it doesn’t appear…

Maybe i’m misunderstanding this.

I have OD1 server in network 1 which calls out to another OD2 in network 2 over the internet.

OD2 is configured as a proxy within OD1.

Tentacles are registered as polling to OD1 via Proxy in OD2.

the tentacles do not need to be able to communicate with OD1 correct?

WebServer OD1 > Proxy Server OD2 < Tentacle

Hi @JacksWastedLife,

Thank you for getting back to me.

Just for clarification, are you trying to proxy between multiple Octopus Server nodes as well as Tentacle Targets or do you only have a single node in network 1 and Tentacle Targets in networks 2 and 3?

Let me know at your earliest convenience.

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I just need to be able to create deployment targets in a network via the octopus proxy.

I have 1 octopus server where all project are. Then i have Octopus targets in another environment. The Server cannot directly communicate with the targets.

To setup a proxy you need to deploy a octopus server in the network with the tentacles are going to be or not?

I cant see a way to setup a proxy without deploying another octopus server

Hi @JacksWastedLife,

Unfortunately, Octopus Server doesn’t act as a proxy itself, so, you wouldn’t need to create a second octopus server in order to proxy requests from the tentacles. You would need an external proxy to route the traffic from the tentacles to OD1.

WebServer OD1 > Proxy Server OD2 < Tentacle


Thanks Paul,

That is exactly what i am doing. But when i register the tentacle to the OD1 via OD2 (Proxy) Shouldn’t the deployment target appear in OD1?

It says it has registered when looking via the logs, but never appears in the UI in OD1

OD1 can call OD2 and OD2 can call OD1. OD1><OD2<Tentacle

I’m assuming that OD2 is a full Octopus Server instance?

If so, unless that instance is connected to the same database as OD1 in a HA configuration, then there is no way for it to be able to pass data to OD1.

Ah ok.

So what does the proxy actually do, cause you are asked to specify the proxy you want to use and then the OD server you want to register with. But actually that only works if its a HA cluster and therefore why use a proxy you would just configure the tentacle to use the HA node.

This doesn’t make sense at all.

Tentacles can communicate with the Octopus Server via a proxy server. This can be really useful when you want to set up a secure network topology, where all traffic into a secure zone must pass through an intermediary, like a proxy server

But that’s not true cause the proxy server is actually a clustered node and not a Proxy. This is messed up

Apologies for the confusion here.

A tentacle can connect to the Octopus Server via a proxy server, however, Octopus Deploy is itself not a proxy server.
You would have to use a third-party proxy such as squid, CCProxy or Wingate Proxy Server that would route the connections from the OD1 server to the tentacle (or vice versa if using polling tentacles).

Right ok. i understand now


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Hi Paul,

I’m going to change my design for this now, but my trail licence is going to expire. Is there any chance you can add me another 30 days?

Hi @JacksWastedLife,

Thank you for getting back to us.

I’ve made an adjustment for you on your trial license. Please log into the Control Center on Octopus.com in order to retrieve your license XML.

If you have any additional questions or run into any issues, please let us know.

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Thank you :slight_smile:


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