Octopus Promote is not getting latest package


I’m facing issue while promoting from QA to Staging using TeamCity.
My QA environment in on same server as Octopus is but Staging is in different location and I’m using VPN connection to connect to staging server.
When I deploy on QA server everything goes smooth but whenever i promote the same release from QA to staging it fails first time mostly (8 out of 10 times).

Attaching raw server log for the failed step while promoting to staging from QA.(ServerTasks-899.log.txt)
Attaching raw server log for the success step while promoting the same step second time. (ServerTasks-902.log.txt)

ServerTasks-902.log.txt (25 KB)

ServerTasks-899.log.txt (8 KB)


Thanks for reaching out! Could you try disabling Delta Compression in your deployment? That’s what seems to be failing in your deployment, and since your package is only 12mb , that means you are not getting too much benefit from that feature.

Once that’s done, give it a try creating a few new releases (so the change takes effect) and deploying them.

Let me know if that helps,

Hi Dalmiro,

It solved my problem for now but I have other projects for which package size will go to 50 MB or more. So can you give me another solution with delta compression enabled?


Hi Imran,

To be honest, this sounds more like a network connection issue than an Octopus issue as the transfer succeeds the second time around and we don’t do anything different transfer wise when building and pushing a delta package and only pushing the delta package.

It could be that the VPN connection times out due to the extra time it takes for Octopus to generate the delta package but I can’t say for sure that that is the reason, it’s something you’d have to look into on your side and look into the configuration of your VPN.

I hope that helps.

Thank you,

Hi Henrik,

May be it was my VPN connection. I also noticed some issues because of that and fixed it. Now my all projects are working fine.

I’m having another issue related to IIS binding and will start a new discussion on it.