Octopus parallel deployments slowness issue


There was an issue raised by my colleague where Octopus parallel deployments running slower than normal. When we deploy CIDs from our controller projects (More than one build will trigger) it is taking more time than usual.
Example: one build used to take less than 10mins to complete, After Sep 21 it used to take min 17mins to 1Hour.

We checked/Analyze the below

  1. Single deployment to the environment taking normal time, Only parallel deployments are taking more time.
  2. Server configuration compared with CID43 (Affected Environments) & CID42 (Normal Environment) – All looks fine
  3. OS patching details also compared – Same patch has been deployed in all the environments even in PROD – Last Patch date is Sep 18 & 19 (PROD environment dates are different)
  4. During deployment window - checked server performance including memory/CPU/Networks.… - All looks normal
  5. During deployment window we copied 5GB of file from network share to same server, which takes less than 1 min
  6. Reinstalled Tentacle and checked
  7. Even Tentacle upgrade also done

I am seeing this output in the logs:

Has this issue been highlighted before?

Kind Regards,
Micheal Power

Hi Michael,

Thanks for getting in touch!

If there has been no upgrade to Octopus around the time that you noticed this starting, then my thoughts are that there has either been a configuration or environmental change.

One item to check would be the mutex and parallelism variables to ensure they are being applied to this environment correctly.

The other check would be when you see the “Cannot start this IIS website…” message in the deployment log, find the task that is actually running and blocking it and see if the running task is experiencing any slow down. It could be that each individual task is experiencing a small amount of slow down that is then having a knock-on effect across the deployment.


Hi @paul.calvert,
Thanks for your response.
I will get back in touch if I have any other questions.

Kind Regards,
Micheal Power

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