Octopus Nuget feed, custom location and usage


We are considering to use the Octopus nuget feed for storing some of our packages and we have observed that Octopus uses Lucene to ensure good performance which is great :).

  1. How do we change the default package storage location to a network share?
  2. Can we simlpy dumb a package in the package folder and then it will appear in the feed OR must we do a push through the API?

These 2 questions are important as we “might” move to another nuget server in the future :).

Kind regards

Hi Christian,

Thanks for getting in touch! I have nothing but bad news, so sorry in advance.
Our internal repository cannot be moved to another directory, it must stay in that location, it is not configurable.
Also while you CAN dump a package into that folder, we no longer watch the folder, so after the dump, the service would have to be restarted to update the index and recognize the package.


Thx, we ended up using our own nuget and symbols server (Klondike on github)