Octopus not updating IIS properly

I have a situation in version: where octopus is not updating the virtual directory properly.

Virtual directory path:

where virtual directory is the item I need updated during the deployment. Below is message I’m getting from the tentacle:
2014-01-13 21:16:48 DEBUG [Copy] If you would like the package to be installed to an alternative location, please specify the variable 'OctopusPackageDirectoryPath’
2014-01-13 21:16:48 DEBUG [IIS] A web.config file was not found, so no IIS configuration will be performed.

Must I have a web.config for the tentacle to update a virtual directory?
Steps I’ve tried to remedy the problem;

  1. change the path in the octopus gui using \ or / for the virtual directory that I want to update.
  2. Create a new release

there is no need for the web.config for this virtual directory

Hi Thom,

Is it possible to add a minimal Web.config file to the directory? The convention relies on its presence determine when to run.

An alternative, if this is a really simple site, might be to use a Deploy.ps1 script to configure IIS rather than the built-in convention.


Added a simple web.config and that did the trick.