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We have configured out Jira cloud and Octopus server instance to push deployment metadata to the cloud ticket. However, I am unable to get the deployment info to either push or show up in Jira. I have attached the build and deployment logs. Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.
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Nate Case

Hi Nate,

Thanks for reaching out.

From the log it appears that the release metadata didn’t get any issue references to send on to Jira. To get some idea how far they got, please browse to the Release’s page within Octopus, and find the “Packages” panel. Ideally there will be a row labelled “Metadata”, as seen in the lower half of this screenshot: https://i.octopus.com/docs/api-and-integration/metadata/release-work-items.png

If that Metadata row isn’t there, it most likely indicates a problem with the Octopus Metadata step in your build server. In that case, please try to confirm that it is succeeding, and check the log output.

If the Metadata row is there, click to expand it to see the metadata. Ideally the “Commits” and “Work Items” fields will have lists beside them, indicating the commits relevant to this build, and any Jira issues referenced by those commit messages.

If Commits are listed but no Work Items, it most likely indicates that Octopus didn’t find commit message words that look like Jira issue keys, or that the Metadata step was configured with “Commit Processing” set to something other than “Jira”.

If no commits are listed, it most likely indicates that the build server didn’t identify a list of commits relevant to this build. For example, perhaps it was unable to relate the build to a previous build, in order to identify the commits between.

I hope these steps help narrow down where the problem is. Please let me know if I can assist further.

David Young.

I was able to get this working myself. Thank you for the reply.

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