Octopus deploying on all machines added in environment

I have 2 machines added in my deploy-Dev environment. In project settings I am explicitly asking it to deploy on the chosen machine. But octopus try to deploy on all machines added in that environment. Is there a way to ask the octopus to deploy only to the selected machine defined in variables list. E.g I have dev01 and dev02 machines in deploy-Dev environment. I have a project 1 pointing to dev01 machine and project 2 pointing to dev02 machine. But when deployment occurs it deploys on both machines added in that environment. Any idea what I am missing here. Attached are the variable settings of that file.

Still new to Octopus - but it looks like you are just setting the value of that variable. To my knowledge you don’t control what machines get a step from the variables page. I think you may want to refine your Roles further to control which machines get a step deployed to them.

How to refine roles to control machines. Any idea. Please guide.

Hi Sam,

On the environments page when you edit machines, you can assign each machine a role.

Then on the Steps page, when you add/edit a step, you can assign which roles the step deploys to.

This allows you to control which machines have a package deployed to them. Later, if you decide to deploy to more than one machine, or to deploy to a different machine, it’s as easy as changing the assigned roles.

Hope that helps,


thanks a lot…works like a charm