Octopus Deploy Website Not Responding

I am currently creating a prototype CI setup using OctopusDeploy and TeamCity, and have reached the stage of installing and configuring OctopusDeploy on the CI server.

Everything appeared to go smoothly (had to run some command line stuff that went fine), and the service appears to be running along with the website. Only problem is that the website doesn’t respond at all (http://localhost:9100). Any URL beyond the base one returns a 404 (could be legitimate or not, I don’t know the site paths). I originally assumed this was an authentication issue (using username and password authentication), but turning off anonymous authentication just results in an access denied, and I’ve had no better luck at trying to use windows authentication (I don’t want to use that anyway).

I’ve been searching through these forums, stack-overflow, etc with no luck at finding any reported cases of the same problem. Any suggestions as to what might be going wrong would be appreciated. I’d also be happy if I could even get suggestions on how to confirm that the Octopus service, etc are working so I can at least narrow my fixing efforts on the website itself.

Some additional info:

-By “Command line stuff” I mean following instructions given by the Octopus install msi and administration tool.
-Followed standard installation and configuration process as guided by Octopus msi and Octopus Administration tool

More additional info:

-Have now completely uninstalled Octopus, taken out the service and website, and completely reinstalled with the same result. My guess is something with either IIS settings or the machine configuration is not playing nice with Octopus, although what exactly the problem might be I have no idea.

I have resolved the issue, it revolved around not having .NET 4 enabled. This instruction was only found in the detailed Installation instructions, rather than the more brief ones elsewhere on getting started, etc. Some sort of check or error message might make this much more clear for users.