Octopus Deploy not intepreting zip archive names correctly

Our archives are named in the format -.zip
For eg, foo-

So when our build server pushes packages via octo.exe, I was expecting Octopus Deploy to interpret foo as Package ID and as version and zip as extension. However it is taking foo-1 as package ID and 3.0.140 as version number.

Is there any workaround for Octopus Deploy to take right Package ID other than renaming packages as we are using that naming convention from many years.



Thanks for getting in touch! When using octo.exe the Package ID is read before the first number after the first full stop. You will need something like foo. as you are unable to use - as a separator.
That means you can also do something like foo.web.
There is a lot more information about the requirements of SemVer at the following link. http://semver.org/

Please try that and let me know how you go.