Octopus Deploy GUI hangs on clicking on a Release

OD has become very slow over the past few weeks. We have a large number of NuGet packages, since we create a new one with every code change, and then a new OD release from this; it’s possible there’s a connection; but it’s only recently that we’ve started noticing performance impact. Restarting OD, restarting SQL and rebooting do nothing to remediate the issue.

Memory utilisation is around 4Gb of 16Gb available; server has 4x cores and plenty of free disk space. We are running OD 3.0.13.

So far as NuGet package utilisation goes, the OD server hosts around 320Gb of active NuGet packages. This equates to 13,000 active releases, but we don’t delete “old” OD releases, so the actual number of OD releases would be several million.

Certain functions seem affected much more than others. But, as noted, opening a specific release seems very particularly slow. Is there anything we can do to try to speed things up, please?



Hi Alex,

Thanks for getting in touch! What retention policies do you have configured at the moment? Reducing the number of releases, deployments and packages you keep around will have a significant impact on performance.

If you are deliberately keeping everything (or a really long history) what is the driving reason for that?

Hope that helps!