Octopus Deploy configure SMTP recipents

Hi Team,

I am Prabhjot working on Octopus Deploy. I have configured SMTP and able to send notification to mail id.

I would like to hardcode the cc option of the send an email process step.
Please let me know if that can be possible


Hi Prabhjot,

Thanks for getting in touch! While there’s no way to hardcode the cc option in a way that cannot be changed, you could use a library variable set to easily add specific email addresses to each email step.

The emails will need to be separated by either a semicolon ; or a comma ,. You can then add the library variable set to each project that uses email steps and reference the variable in the CC field with #{emailCC} (or whatever you call your variable)

Variable Value
emailCC email-address-a;email-address-b;email-address-c

You can even use this variable alongside manually defining addresses in the CC field. The below screenshot has an example.

The only other option would be to use the CC Teams option and reference a team from Octopus that includes everyone you would like to email. However, the library variable set option above will give you more flexibility as the addresses don’t need to be users on your Octopus instance.

Let me know if this helps or if you have any further questions or thoughts on this.

Best regards,