Octopus Deploy Cloud - polling tentacle on port 443

Does OD for cloud support polling tentacles on 80/443?

Hi Paul

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Octopus Cloud only supports polling Tentacles on port 10943, not on 80/443.

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Thanks Matt.

Are there plans to make ports configurable in the cloud environment? Our customer base is not very receptive to opening ports, and this seems unavoidable regardless of using polling or listening tentacles. We use port 80 for polling tentacles today in our on-prem OD environment and this was the only limitation preventing us from moving to the cloud.

Unfortunately we currently do not have support for making the ports configurable. We are in the process of rebuilding part of the hosting infrastructure behind hosted and as part of this we expect to provide the ability to use tentacles over websockets (443). We will keep you updated when this is available.

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