Octopus Deploy - Acquire Packages failing intermittently with fatal Error "Failed to locate the Zip Header"

Octopus Version: 2019.6.7 - Self Hosted in Azure VM

The acquire package step which fetches the deployment packages from our Private Gitlab Nuget Package Repo is failing intermittently with the error "Failed to locate the Zip Header ". The step is able to download all but one package. The random failures are always related to the same package. I have verified that the package is downloadable and not corrupted by manually downloading the same from the Repo. But on redeploying the error gets resolved on it’s own.

For reference, the problematic package name is of the format
The package is meant to be deployed as a webjob to azure app service.

I checked the Octopus Server logs but couldn’t find any errors or exceptions around that time.

This is currently affecting our Production deployment so I’d appreciate any insights on the same.

Hello @svishnu ,

Thank you for reaching out to us about your issue. Based on the error message, it appears that the issue may be related to the package cache on the tentacle you are deploying to.

To resolve this issue, you may try deleting the package file from the cache located at C:\Octopus\Files and then redeploying.

We hope this helps. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Best regards,

Thank you @dom.richardson . I’ll try that out and reopen this thread if the issue reoccurs.

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