Octopus.Core.Model.Exceptions.EntityNotFoundException after Upgrade


after upgrading from v2019.12.8 LTS to 2022.1 (Build 2232) we get the following error message on the “Projects” and “Tasks” tab:
Exception of type ‘Octopus.Core.Model.Exceptions.EntityNotFoundException’ was thrown.

Any advice?

More information:
OS: Windows Server 2012 R2
SQL: SQL Server 2017 Std (14.0.3430.2)

Thanks and Regards
Christian Dergovics
(in substitution for Helmut Otahal)

afters some time I’ve restarted the server again - the error message is gone for now.
Let you know if it’s OK now…

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After further testing from the Octopus team all seems OK now.

Thanks and Regards

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