Octopus container logs do not show master key as described in on-line documenation

Running the latest version of the container (2019.6.8 LTS) pulled from Docker Hub and checking the docker logs. Master key is not shown. The only reference to “master key” in the logs is “Checking the Octopus Master Key has been configured.”

is there something else that needs to be done or another way to get the master key?

FYI: This documentation entry https://octopus.com/blog/octopuscontainer simply states that the master key is available when getting the running container logs. This documentation appears to be incorrect, specifically:

First, we need to get the master key from our original Octopus instance. As part of the startup process of this container, the master key is written to the logs so it can be found by running docker logs OctopusServer

The official octopus container downloaded and run as per instructuions referred to in this document does not list the master key in the logs.

Does the container need to be run with a parameter not listed in the above documentation?

Hi @g.bunce!

Sorry to hear that you’re having issues here, I’ll have our team look into your report of the Master Key not being logged into the docker logs. In the meantime, you can retrieve your key by shelling into your container with docker exec -ti powershell and then getting the Master Key with a show-master-key operation.

I hope this helps, but please let me know if you have any further questions.