Octopus Cloud Instance Issues

Two issues:

  • Can the url + name of the cloud instance be changed? For example:

          https://foo.octopus.app/  -->  https://bar.octopus.app/

    If so, how?

  • According to:


    it will take some time for our cloud-instance to be upgraded from ‘2018.11.2’ over to ‘2019.1.6+’ . Our question is whether we will run into compatibility issues when using the latest and greatest octo.exe ver. against ‘2018.11.2’.

Will the new ‘–space=’ flag work as intended with ‘2018.11.2’ or do we have to revert to using octo.exe ver4.x with ‘2018.11.2’?

If the later is the case then we how can we instruct octo.exe to publish a .zip into a specific space? (octo.exe 4.x doesn’t support --space=… as far as we know :S)


  • We found out that spaces are not even there as a feature in 2018 because they were introduced in 2019. So I guess we need to roll back our octo.exe on top of everything else.

  • Is it possible to have our instance upgraded to ‘2019.1.6+’ sooner (that is, within the next few days) rather than later? We are evaluating octopus and the tenant-tag-feature of 2019 is a nifty must-have for our team. Thanks in advance.

Hi Dominick,
Thanks for getting in touch! You can certainly change the url of your Octopus Cloud server, simply send through a support request from the same email address that’s used to login to your Octopus Cloud Account and we can proceed to renamed your instance for you.

You should not run into any compatibility issues using a later version of octo.exe than your Octopus Server in this case, you simply won’t be able to use the -spaces= flag if you’re running it against a version of Octopus Server that doesn’t support spaces.

It is definitely possible for us to perform an upgrade of your Octopus Cloud instance ahead of time for you. Please feel free to send through a support request to us letting us know your current Octopus URL and which version you would like us to upgrade you to.

Kind regards,

Mr Wilson,

Thank you for the prompt response. We will be sending an email soon per your request. How long does it typically take for both of the issues in question to be addressed?

Thank you again and be safe.

Yours Sincerely,
Dominick Sidiropoulos

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