Octopus Cloud Disk Usage

Been using Octopus Cloud for nearly 2 years. Great product! Love it to bits.

However, today I received an email from support stating that we’d exceeded our disk usage (164GB/50GB). Now, we pay for Octopus Cloud (not on the free plans) and at the time of sign-up, I was not aware of disk max-out thresholds. Legal queries aside, it’s no big deal, I’ll set a retention policy. Delete older builds voila!

The problem is that I can’t see anywhere to view the disk usage in Octo Cloud! So I have no idea if the new retention policy actually works to bring it down. It obviously. also means I can never check disk usage to ensure we stay within the 50GB limit. Not that this is mentioned anywhere at all in the agreement. Though I appreciate that it can form a fair-usage requirement and I have no intention to breach that in any event. This is not a good time for us to replatform anything or shift feeds back from Octopus. It’s also questionable legality, since we pay for a service that is otherwise now free and the disk space requirement didn’t exist on Octopus Cloud at the time of sign-up.

Is there anywhere we can view the disk usage on Octopus Cloud server?

Hi @Ethar!

Thanks for reaching out, I’m just in the process of responding to your email, but wanted to touch base on this particular question, in the event it helps others who may have got this email. We don’t currently have a self-service check in place, but it’s on our roadmap to get in ASAP.

Please let me know if there’s anything else we can help you with.7

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Thanks Justin. Appreciate the time and the insight that it’s on the roadmap. What I’m concerned about, is how we ensure we don’t fall foul of fair use policies if we can’t see how much space our deployments are taking. Plus, in the rare event an enterprise dev and prod deployment take more than 50GB in total across all deployment targets in a project, would we be in violation of fair use policies? As a point of best practise, in that latter case, I assume the suggestion is enterprises should manage their own on-prem Octopus instances

No problems at all @ethar!

As part of the Octopus Cloud “V2” platform that we’re migrating you, and everyone who got the aforementioned email, we will be offering increased storage options beyond the 50GB quota that is currently in place. One of the main purposes of the email is to get your instance in it’s best possible shape to ensure a smooth migration across to the new platform, and to be able to do it in a timely fashion to not introduce any unnecessary downtime due to an extended migration window.

While the AUP quota of 50GB has been in place since the launch of Octopus Cloud, we’ve been somewhat lax on enforcing it before now, erring on the side of not getting in the way of people’s work. As mentioned above, the email just serves to let people know about their storage use, and encourages them to set up retention policies if they haven’t (they’re not enabled by default, since every business case is different), allowing for a smooth migration, and good housekeeping going forward. In most cases, having a sensible and non-intrusive retention policy in place brings people down easily under the 50GB quota. In the event that the do not, we’ll always work with our customers to find a solution, and we’re not going to start cancelling the service for anyone who is actively working with us to keep their storage under control.

I hope this helps!