Octopus.Client - get all releases for a project?

Using Octopus.Client, what’s a more efficient way to get all releases of a particular project? Currently, we inefficiently retrieve all releases and apply downstream filtering to get what we need.

$octopusRelease = $repository.Releases.FindAll() | Where { $_.ProjectId -eq $octopusProject.Id }

What are our options?

Hi Michael,

Thanks for getting in touch! You can use the GetReleases method on the Projects repository:

$releaseRespose = $repository.Projects.GetReleases($octopusProject)

If you want to get more than the latest 30 releases, you will need to use the paginate funaction. In C# you would need to do this (sorry I’m not the best at powershell):

var releases = new List<ReleaseResource>();
repository.Client.Paginate<ReleaseResource>(project.Links["Releases"], page =>
	return true;

Hope that helps!

Robert W


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