Octopus cli doesn't handle double quotes in variable content


$formattedXml contains an XML e.g.

<a value="test">abc</a>


octopus tenant variable update -s "Default" --tenant $tenantName --name 'Settings' --value $formattedXml --project 'MyProject' --environment "Test"

When calling on Windows it works as expected
When running octopus cli 1.6.2 on Linux (via GitHub Actions) the output stored in Octopus is truncated after the first double quote.


Hello @maurycy_widera

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To pass variables containing multi-word values, it’s essential to enclose the entire string within double quotes, like “value.” To resolve this, please rerun the command with quotes around “$formattedXml” Afterward, you can verify the value on the Octopus dashboard, and it should match the value you initially assigned to the variable.

If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, feel free to ask.

Thank you for choosing Octopus!

Hi @ibraheem.fauzi,

I’ve tried it but it didn’t make any difference. The issue is still present.
Could you please advise?


Good morning @maurycy_widera,

I am sorry you are still having issues here, we have now discontinued our official support on the Octopus Forums as per our notification banner at the top of the forum.

I can see you have an active, paid licence with us so would you be able to please send us an email at support@octopus.com quoting this forum post and we will be able to help you out via email.

I just don’t want this post getting left with no resolution as we are no longer monitoring the forums so if you email through we can carry on with the investigations.

Kind Regards,

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