Octopus bug

Hei guys,

I think there is a bug with octopus if you get to “Discard changes” step and the session expires.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Login to octopus
  2. Go to your project
  3. Go to Process
  4. Choose a step
  5. Modify something in that step
  6. Refresh the page without saving the changes. “octopus-bug” windows should be displayed (see attachment)
  7. Wait until your session expires, then press “Discard changes” button

Expected behavior: Redirect to login page
Actual behavior: Redirect to login page but “Discard changes” pop-up is never goes away. (See octopus-bug-popup attachment)



Thanks for reaching out! I’ve tested this in 3.5.2 and I couldn’t reproduce the issue. Its worth mentioning that in 3.5 we completely revamped the login page, so its possible that this has been fixed without our knowledge because of that change.

Is there any chance you can upgrade to that version and try to reproduce this?