Octopus Bug in unzipping NuGet packages

I had a NuGet package with a folder named ‘[.].foo.[co.uk-com-gov.uk]’ in it and the folder failed to appear when Octopus unzips the folder on the machine being deployed to.


Thanks for getting in touch. That’s a very interesting folder name!

Octopus simply uses the System.IO.Packaging classes from the .NET Framework to unpack NuGet packages. You can see the LightweightPackageExtractor from the open-source Calamari project here: https://github.com/OctopusDeploy/Calamari/blob/94e883c84e8605a7b032492e23e813e369811733/source/Calamari/Integration/Packages/LightweightPackageExtractor.cs

The best recommendation I can offer you is to grab this code and create a simple LINQPad or Console Application to unpack your package and debug what is happening with that folder. This way we can understand if it’s something we can take responsibility for in Octopus, or whether it’s baked into the System.IO.Packaging classes from .NET.

Hope that helps!