Octopus.Action.SkipRemainingConventions not behaving as expected

Hi, we’re writing conditionals in a step’s redeployment script, and we would expect the command Set-OctopusVariable(‘Octopus.Action.SkipRemainingConventions’, ‘True’) to prevent the rest of the step executing (i.e. no copy to custom folder, Post-deployment script etc.
However, in 3.2.0 it does nothing. Is this expected? How do we prevent actions conditionaly?


Hi Jason,

Thanks for reaching out. Set-OctopusVariable doesn’t modify Octopus variables that way. It just creates brand new variables for them to be available in future steps. There’s currently no way to change that variable during the deployment. Its not a bad suggestion actually to extend the usage of set-octopusvariable to support this. Would you mind submitting it in Uservoice? http://octopusdeploy.uservoice.com/