Octopus 3.3.10 / Calamari doesn't fail the deployment if a script module in the process has a syntax error in it

see example of the behaviour - it identifies it as a warning and continues

I was just able to reproduce this on a different version (older - 3.2.19) of Octopus, so it looks like a problem which was there for a while and isn’t related to 3.3.10
to reproduce:

  1. create a new script module
  2. change the line Write-Output “Hello, Octopus!” to be: Write-Output "Hello, Octopus! (remove the trailing ")
  3. Add a step which runs a script and call “Say-Hello”
  4. Create a release and deploy
    The deployment should fail - the error is being treated as warning

Hi Nir,

Thanks for pointing this out to us! With your instructions I have replicated the problem and confirmed that this is a bug. I have created an issue on GitHub and our devs are going to look into why it is behaving this way. I have put a link to the GitHub issue below.

Again thank you for pointing this out.