Octo pull create/deploy release


Is is possible for Octo to poll something, for example the NuGet feed, and create&deploy releases as they become available?


  • Octo is installed in our production environment which is very strictly locked down. No traffic may pass from the outside to this environment.
  • The build servers are outside the production environment but due to the above they cannot use octo.exe to initiate create/deploy release.
  • The Octo server may however access resources outside, for example the NuGet feed

The way we are working around this is to create a client on the Octo server that polls a service on the build server and drives Octo through the API or octo.exe

Is there any way to do this out of the box or with some clever use of octo.exe?


There’s currently no easy way to do this but it could be done by writing your own polling code and then invoking Octo.exe. We do have plans to build a “trigger” feature like this in a future Octopus release.


Ok, thanks for the reply.