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Hi I was attempting to get a list of tenants from my octopus server install and I get the error as in this attachment.

I.e. The document does not define a link for ‘Tenant Status’

Can you help I download the latest version of octo.exe 6.2.3 and ran it directly on the server.

I also tried a previous version 6.0.2 with the same error.


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Hi Andy_Allen!

What looks to be the issue here is that you’re using a version of Octo.exe that’s designed for later versions of Octopus Deploy. With Octopus version 2018.8.9, you’ll want to use version 4.41.5 of Octo.exe - you can download that version from https://octopus.com/downloads/2018.8.9 (which has all the version-correct addons and tools for 2018.8.9).

This should solve your problems, but if it doesn’t, please let me know and I’ll do my best to help you further.

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Ah ok Thanks :slight_smile:

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