Octo.exe pack for a web site\application

Can the octo.exe tool create a nuget package for a web site\application without having to explicitly create a nuspec file with a pre-populated file listing section ?

I do not want to use the octo\msbuild task, but I can see that it includes logic to detect an asp.net based app and to then create a nuspec file which includes all the files whose build action is Content with the exception of packages.config plus the bin directory content.

From looking @ http://docs.octopusdeploy.com/display/OD/Using+Octo.exe
It looks like octo.exe does not include any of the same logic as the OctoPack.Tasks.dll assembly, I tried using the --include=VALUE parameter but It includes all the content in the root of the nuget package and will include all content

Will I need to create a nuspec file and use nuget.exe ?

Any ideas ?
Thanks in advance

Hi Pat,

Thanks for getting in touch. By default Octo.exe will pack everything that’s inside of the current folder, or on the path declared under --basepath. If you need a more complex logic like “Pack *.dll under root\custom\bin”, you’re gonna have to use NuGet.exe with a nuspec file or Octopack with a nuspec.

Sorry for the crappy news


Thanks for the reply, will probably revert to generating the nuspec file and just using nuget.exe