Octo.exe: A release named '' could not be found

We’ve had Octopus up and working in our build server for quite a while now. We’re still running on Octopus version Today, we started getting the error in the subject line. I didn’t want to just upgrade to the latest version of Octopus and make things worse.

When I go to the web site, I see version (and others) under Recent Releases.

When I go to http://octopus/api /projects, I see this:
“Id”: “projects-33”,
“Name”: “Cardholder”,
“Description”: “”,
“Links”: {
“Self”: “/api/projects/projects-33”,
“Releases”: “/api/projects/projects-33/releases”,
“Variables”: “/api/projects/projects-33/variables”,
“Steps”: “/api/projects/projects-33/steps”,
“Web”: “/projects/show/projects-33”

I then go to http://octopus/api/projects/projects-33/releases and I see the last release is, which coincides with when things starting breaking here. So for some reason 248 and above are not being discovered through the API but they are shown on the web site.

Any ideas on what could be going on?


Yes, this was a known error in the old Octopus releases. The releases API only returns a set limit of results (I think 128 from memory) and pagination wasn’t enabled. If you upgrade the Octopus server + tools to the latest version, this will be fixed.


Perfect. Fixed. And my reply time stamp is a testament to how awesome your MSI is. Thank you for making that so painless. I inherited the Octopus maintenance and ended up installing in the wrong directory, had to remove, and re-upgrade, and everything just worked flawlessly and fast. Thank you for that attention to detail.

One nit in octo.exe source, Program.cs:
catch (ApplicationException)
return 2;

I’d prefer to see a Console.WriteLine there. While I could get the real error by running the same command line, it would have been nice to have the information in the build log.